A walnut is a unique product that body needs. The unique walnut growing conditions in Ukraine give it the opportunity to get enough of a variety of useful vitamins and trace elements.

Some facts about the walnut:
• comprises a large number of trace elements: cobalt, iron, copper, phosphorus, fluoride, zinc, more than 20 amino acids, vitamins B, P, PP. The content of vitamin C in a walnut overtakes blackcurrant and even citrus so it is indispensable for human immunity
• does not allow normal cells to degenerate into cancer due to saturation of antioxidants
• despite the high calorie, has no effect on blood cholesterol
• has a positive effect on human mental activity. In ancient times it was called "food for thought"
• improves eyesight and restores strength
• fully replaces animal protein, so it is ideal food for vegetarians, raw foodists and people practicing yoga.
• normalizes gastric secretion irrespective of if it is lowered or raised.
• perfectly strengthens blood vessels of the brain.
• is used to treat thyroid diseases, as well as hypertension, anemia
• has antibacterial properties
• prevents the development of dental caries

We export:

  • round walnut 
    • calibrated 
    • not calibrated 
  • shelled walnut 
    • halves 
    • quarters
    • walnut crumb
    • amber walnut 
  • pumpkin seeds 
  • squash seeds
  • walnut seedlings