It is well known that Ukrainian walnut is considered as a unique product. Being saturated with vitamins, minerals, and many nutrients due to moderately warm climate and particularly favorable natural conditions, this product has no competitors in the world. Therefore, in 1990, we established agricultural company, Agro-Sense, to make these high-quality walnuts available to everyone. The company is family-owned with decades old experience in farming.

Company first started exporting to Middle Eastern countries, namely, Turkey and Syria. At that time, those countries had growing markets because of increasing population and booming economies. Then we gave ourselves a word - to do the best for everyone and expand the geography of supplies, so that more consumers could appreciate unique walnuts of Ukrainian origin.


To create an ideal product, we have been working hard to better the quality and standard of our products. Agro-Sense puts a lot of effort to create ideal product and continue to constantly evolve. Each process at each stage of production has been carefully polished. We have installed latest equipment and hired trained and experienced people to work in our orchards and various facilities throughout Ukraine.

We gave it our best and successfully have been exporting walnuts from Ukraine to many countries for the last 25 years. All products of "Agro-Sense" have a complete set of export documents. Our products are being exported to UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Russia and many more.


Every year we increase our production scale and actively collaborate with international partners. Quality assurance, latest equipment and individual approach to every order made "Agro-Sense" one of the first in the market in terms of export. Now "Agro-Sense" has developed extensive network of supply bases throughout Ukraine, as well as our own walnut orchards located in the ecologically clean area of Vinnytsia region. Moreover, since 2014, we began selling our very own walnut seedlings. Our main goal is to insure quality of each consignment. We guarantee the quality of products and the meticulousness of the order, and every client may personally come and check everything for him or herself.