Tree Nuts: World Markets and Trade


October, 2015

Record global walnut production and trade are forecast. Production continues to expand to 1.9 million tons in-shell basis, with China and the United States accounting for nearly 80 percent of total output. World exports, dominated by the United States, are expected to rise 5 percent to 593,000 tons. 

Ukraine’s production is forecast to slip 1 percent to 102,000 tons. Exports are forecast to fall nearly 10 percent to 56,000 tons on lower shipments to China and the EU. Revised 2014/15 World production is revised up 50,000 tons to 1.8 million.

• Ukraine is revised 18,000 tons higher to 103,000 due to increased area and yield.

• Moldova’s output of 32,000 tons is now included in this report.

• Chile is reduced 11,000 tons to 54,000 on lower yield. 

Source: Report by Foreign Agricultural Service/USDA, â€‹Office of Global Analysis